prove yourself

Prove Yourself Upfront… And Watch Your Business Thrive

prove yourself

Backwards contractors sell a job then try to prove themselves. With SumoQuote you prove yourself upfront and win more work than you’ve ever won before.


The Problem

Having spent a couple decades working and selling in the home improvement industry, we’ve noticed contractors always try to sell their services to clients using one of the below approaches:

1) I do the best work.

2) I have the best price.

3) I can deal with the specific challenges of your home.

4) You can trust me.

Of these, there is only one contractors seem to be intentional about demonstrating to clients up-front: the price. Referrals can help endorse craftsmanship and service, however past customers aren’t in the room with you when a client is waffling on selecting your company for their next project. And so, its little wonder why people select the lowest price with little else to distinguish one contractor from the next. What contractors need, is proof demonstrating the quality of work they complete and professional approach they have in business.


The Solution

So how does one go about proving they do great work, have tonnes of experience or can solve the challenges a project may present?


Enter SumoQuote.


As a contractor, we were stuck price matching on jobs where the competition provided nothing more than a low price on a napkin and a compressor and hoses in the back of their Honda Civic. We knew we needed to find a way to show clients the real difference between our company and contractors out there that leave a wake of disaster in their path. So, we developed quotes that demonstrated our professionalism, ability and credibility; and it’s changed everything!


The Results

Upping our game by creating a better experience for the customer paid off dramatically. Over the first two years we saw our revenues increase by 48.5%!!! Customers were so impressed with our quotes that we would receive unsolicited calls just to tell us how blown away they were with our presentation and that it was the direct reason they chose to work with our company.

With professionally designed quotes, the second a client sees your quote they see the care and craftsmanship you take in everything you do:

  • Educate them on potential issues with the job using photos
  • Help clients learn more about your business and let them read testimonials from those happy people who have trusted you in the past.
  • Take the time to thoroughly demonstrate to them who you are, the work you have done and the reasons why you are the right contractor for the job.


Icing on the Cake

Once the job is done and the client is blown away by your company, give them one more reason to refer you to others by finishing the job with some additional value they didn’t expect.

Project Summary Reports are a quick document to show the expert work you completed and warranty details for their home. Project summaries can include:

  • A title page with the fresh new look of their home
  • An executive summary which says thank you for the work and provides them written details of the products
    installed on their job and the warranty information of each, including a link to the warranty page on the manufacturers website.
  • Detailed photos of each of the products installed and overview photos of the completed work
  • A marketing page informing them of other services you offer or a referral program for more business
  • Finally, it can include a warranty certificate which gives them a reason to save and hold onto your branded report for life.



It’s not difficult to elevate your sales game. Be intentional. Know that every interaction counts. And when clients finally spread their quotes on the kitchen table to make a decision, make sure your quote shows the client exactly why you should be trusted with the job.