The Custom-er Experience

There is a low bar right now for providing a memorable customer experience. It may not be difficult to exceed the experience provided by other contractors, but does that mean that you are meeting or exceeding the expectations of your clients? Probably not.

A wise friend said to me one time, “As long as you aren’t an !%@$#, you’re already ahead of 50% of the competition.” Clients, on the other hand, seem to have a slightly higher bar in regards to their purchasing experiences. It’s not difficult to understand why either. In a world where I can actively track food as it winds the streets to my home, order anything online and have it arrive the next day, or push a button on my phone and walk into Starbucks with a piping hot (insert favorite drink) waiting for me, expectations of an exceptional customer experience are accelerating faster than ever before.

Each client and project is unique. It’s time we start making the experience we provide to each client unique as well.

SumoQuote was created so that crafting a unique experience for your client is faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Include pages that you know will make an impact on your client and omit others that aren’t applicable. Remember, less is more. A beautiful, intentionally crafted 5 page report will have far more of an impact than a 10 page report crowded with unnecessary details.



Here are a couple ideas to help craft your quotes:

Custom Pages
SumoQuote makes it easy to include additional custom pages with each report.

Some of these pages may include:

  • Additional services
  • Testimonials
  • Product/colour options
  • Referral program details
  • How to compare your business against competitors
  • Sale information (ie. Spring Sale Discount)
  • Highlights of your business


There are endless options available to give your company an edge over the competition, provide useful information to finalize a sale, or gain additional sales form the client in the future. Be careful though, it’s tempting to include 5 custom pages when they look so good! However, the more you include, the less interested a client may be as they try to grapple with a novel about your company.


Include Photos
There is nothing like really personalizing a quote by including photo details taken specifically from a client’s home. Clients love to learn something new about their home and it feels like you have taken the time to really understand both them and their project.

With SumoQuote, adding photos to your quote is an absolute breeze. Drag and drop in images, click to select existing images from your device or select directly from saved photos on your computer. It’s easy to crop photos, add arrows/circles or mark up the image with the pencil tool to show exact details you want your client to understand.

Inserting 3-6 photos in a quote effectively communicates details of the job so that hours later the client isn’t guessing at what you said or recalling details incorrectly.


Project Summary Reports
We hear time and time again how impressed clients are when they receive a Project Summary Report.

We’ve found the best Project Summary Reports out there to include:

  • A title page with the fresh new look of their home
  • An executive summary which says thank you for the work and provides them written details of the products installed on their job and the warranty information of each, including a link to the warranty page on the manufacturers website.
  • Photos of each of the products installed and overview photos of the completed work
  • A marketing page informing them of other services you offer or a referral program for more business
  • Finally, a warranty certificate which gives them a reason to save and hold onto your branded report for life.


Interested in checking out a couple sample Project Summary Reports? Click here to download a sample.