The Key to Easier Sales – Make Your Client the Hero

Storytelling, connected to brand identity, has been a buzz concept in business especially in recent years – but too many salespeople are still getting it wrong. While they grasped the concept the most important aspect has been missed!

Donald Miller explains in Storybrand, “Customers don’t generally care about your story; they care about their own. Your customer should be the hero of the story, not your brand.”

Think about that for a minute, it sounds completely backward from how most of us function when selling. Our sales pitch is about how amazing our company is. Our quote is about sharing the items and pricing we know they need. Everything our business buys, utilizes and partners with is about making us faster and stronger. But this isn’t what the homeowner cares about or what ultimately makes them decide which business to work with. From a homeowner’s perspective the story is theirs. When we fail to factor their story as central to the sales process we ultimately lose business.
Miller unpacks it this way. “Customers aren’t looking for a hero, they are looking for a guide.” In other words, we aren’t Luke Skywalker in this story, swooping in to be the hero, we are Yoda. When Luke was overwhelmed, inexperienced and didn’t know how to win the battle, he turned to Yoda, a guide that could lead the hero to success.

SumoQuote is a phenomenal tool enabling your client and their home to be at the core of the sales process. You become the guide, they are the hero, and you easily win more work.

We make it easy for you to feature your client at the centre of their own story by including the following in every SumoQuote:

SumoQuote features a cover photo of your client’s home front and centre. This immediately creates an emotional connection with your pitch. Their story and all its possibilities are right in front of them.

SumoQuote personalizes the content. The quote begins addressing them by name and concludes with a personalized follow up sentence. This enables the homeowner to feel a connection to the overarching presentation.

SumoQuote enables you to insert photos of specific details from the project. Going beyond mere written information allows you to avoid confusion. Any photos with additional arrows or circles provide the homeowner with clarity and another level of personal connection to the project. This type of communication also enables you to gain HUGE trust, demonstrating particular care about the specifics of their home, and increasing confidence that you can do the job right.

SumoQuote makes it simple for you to customize your quotes with additional messages, product options or photos you know will inspire your client. This is the perfect way to particularize content for individual clients without overwhelming them with details that aren’t relevant for their specific project.

When a client sits down to evaluate three quotes, two of them are a single page with just a price and a logo, while the third one really nails the details of everything they wanted to know. This makes the choice is an easy one for them. And the best part is all these details were super easy for you to put together using SumoQuote. It literally takes minutes to make a beautiful custom quote that wins more sales every time.

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