The Science of Roofing Quotes

“I’m just curious, you’re raving about the contractor you typically use, but you are going to push the board to sign off on our quote even with a higher price. Obviously, we’ll work hard to prove that was the right decision, but can you tell me why you want to work with our company?”

I had bid on a large condo job the other week and was following up with a call to the property manager. Her reply to my question confirmed everything we had been working on recently. She said, “Well, I know this shouldn’t matter, but that quote you gave me was just so professional. I mean, I had a question, I turned the page and there was the answer. I know when I put the two quotes in front of the board that they will want to work with your business. It makes my life easier to get a quote like this.”

Ted Williams, one of baseballs all time greatest hitters, wrote a book called the Science of Hitting. In the 77 spaces the size of a baseball that make up a strike zone, Ted Williams knew exactly what his hitting percentage was in each space.

If you apply this line of thinking to roofing quotes, you are the pitcher and you want to create a quote that is incredibly easy for your client to hit. You want to understand them so that you can throw it, not just in the strike zone, but in the exact location that they can clobber your pitch.
How can you do this? Here’s a quick list:

1) Ask questions and find out what the client’s pain points are and what matters most to them.

2) When you build your quote, make sure you touch on each pain point or purchasing motive. You may want to do this in multiple places throughout your quote.

3) Don’t just use text. Take advantage of photos, custom marketing pages, case studies and other visual tools. Clients retain information up to 10X faster and longer when presented visually.

4) Give them easy options to sign off on your quote. In person is best, but digital signing is another great option.

5) Follow up. Stay engaged and continue to demonstrate that you are making them a top priority.