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The Power of SumoQuote

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With SumoQuote, contractor quotes instantly become winning sales presentations. It’s easy, fast and bolts on seamlessly with any contractors existing work flow.

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    Why SumoQuote is Your Best Deal of the Year.

    With a totally unique solution, SumoQuote is getting rave reviews from contractors as well as top influencers/leaders within the industry.

    In 6 months and with only a single sales person, SumoQuote has: grown to $53k in ARR, 41 paying businesses and over $212k in LTV (conservatively assuming 4 year avg lifespan).

    Having been built in partnership with a top 1% contractor in North America, our prototype proved to help increase sales by 65% in just 2 years.

    Big market (check!) – there are over 700,000 contractors in NA; Big Pain (check!) – contractors struggle with sales; Product/Market fit (BIG check!) – virtually zero churn and over 40 paying businesses in just 6 months.

    Customer Reviews

    I’m loving SumoQuote. It’s a great sales tool. Let me know what it takes to be the only one with SumoQuote in the Kansas City metro!

    Licio Tamburlini

    HT Roofing & Construction

    Absolutely love it! New and old clients have commented on how professional our quotes are. We have booked several jobs because of it.

    Merlin Bartel

    Epic Roofing & Exteriors

    Amazing! Unsolicited feedback from customers have included comments that these are the most professional quotes they’ve seen.

    Jarom Feriante

    Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar

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