Pro Tip: Beautiful Siding Sells Easier With Beautiful Quotes

Tired of looking like everybody else?

Tired of looking like everybody else?

James Hardie clients are obsessed with adding a beautiful exterior to their home. So why try selling to them using ugly quotes? With SumoQuote, your quotes instantly become winning sales presentations.

Curious what our templates look like?

Download a sample of one of our most
commonly used quotes here.

The Power of SumoQuote & James Hardie

Sell the benefits of Hardie with professional marketing pages stitched seamlessly into your quote.

Tease their imagination by including mock up images of their home directly in your quotes.

Show up ready to sell. Use Hoover or Eagleview to build your report before you attend, snap a photo of their home and walk in to present.

Homeowner wants changes? No problem! Make changes on the spot and use e-signing to get the job sealed and delivered.

Customer Reviews

I’m loving SumoQuote. It’s a great sales tool. Let me know what it takes to be the only one with SumoQuote in the Kansas City metro!

Licio Tamburlini

HT Roofing & Construction

Absolutely love it! New and old clients have commented on how professional our quotes are. We have booked several jobs because of it.

Merlin Bartel

Epic Roofing & Exteriors

Amazing! Unsolicited feedback from customers have included comments that these are the most professional quotes they’ve seen.

Jarom Feriante

Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar

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