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Interested in setting your business apart?

Interested in setting your business apart?

A superior shingle deserves a superior sales experience. And when your quotes are this beautiful, well thought out, and professional, your competition doesn’t stand a chance.

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The Power of SumoQuote & Malarkey

With SumoQuote we can build a premium sales presentation that homeowners love in about 4 minutes.

Stop sending marketing pages, company story, photos, etc over as multiple confusing attachments on your email. SumoQuote shares the story of your business and Malarkey easily in a single beautiful presentation.

Legacy and Vista are the premium shingle that homeowners deserve and SumoQuote can help you sell more of them…a lot more!

Custom marketing pages. Integrated photos. E-Signing. Fast, easy templates. SumoQuote has everything you need to manage and grow your business.

Customer Reviews

I’m loving SumoQuote. It’s a great sales tool. Let me know what it takes to be the only one with SumoQuote in the Kansas City metro!
Licio Tamburlini HT Roofing & Construction
Absolutely love it! New and old clients have commented on how professional our quotes are. We have booked several jobs because of it.
Merlin Bartel Epic Roofing & Exteriors
Amazing! Unsolicited feedback from customers have included comments that these are the most professional quotes they’ve seen.
Jarom Feriante Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar

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