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The Roofing Academy

Randy Brothers

Head Coach at The Roofing Academy. Founder of Elite Roofing. Author. Speaker.

Ben Lane Hodson

CEO & Co-Founder of JobNimbus
Roof Sales Mastery

Becca Switzer

Founder of Roof Sales Mastery & Podcast Host
Roofing Insights

Dmitry Lipinskiy

Founder of Roofing Insights. CEO of Storm Group Roofing.
Contractor Coach Pro

Jim Johnson

Head Coach at ContractorCoachPRO
Sales Transformation Group

Ryan Groth

Chief Sales Engineer, Coach & Founder of Sales Transformation Group
Hail Trace

Derik Kline

Owner of Hail Trace Weather Forensics
Contractor Dynamics

Joseph Hughes

Owner & Marketing Director at Contractor Dynamics
Webrunner Media Group

Marc Levesque

Co-Founder of Webrunner Media Group

Laura E. Nelson

VP of Marketing at Signpost
Summa Media

Nick Peret

CEO of Summa Media
Atlas Roofing

Stan Bastek

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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