SumoQuote Is Now Part of the JobNimbus Family.

SumoQuote has been acquired by JobNimbus. Joining forces allows us to equip contractors with a comprehensive solution and a more streamlined process.

A group photo showing the SumoQuote team with the JobNimbus team at the JobNimbus headquarters.

You spoke, we listened

"I'm using JobNimbus and SumoQuote, are there any plans to improve that integration?"

Is this a CRM, or is this just for quoting? I'd like everything in one place.

“I love SumoQuote, but I want an all-in-one tool

"If this had the ability to track my leads and contacts it would really be the only system I need."

"If JobNimbus had quoting that was as good as this is, that would be perfect"

"SumoQuote is great, but when are you guys going to build a CRM?"

Our Vision

An all-in-one world class sales solution

A letter from our CEO.

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news that SumoQuote has been acquired by JobNimbus. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and I want to express my sincere gratitude to all our customers for being a part of it so far. This is just the beginning. This acquisition opens up a world of possibilities and is the first step towards providing an even better sales experience for you, and your customers.

SumoQuote joining the JobNimbus family brings together a wealth of resources, capacity, and innovation. With a new, and much more significant team, I am confident that this union will lead to unparalleled advancements in the product. We are excited to create an extraordinary sales and customer experience that will continue to set a benchmark in our industry!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to SumoQuote, and I look forward to achieving more great success together.

We're sure you have questions.

Why did JobNimbus acquire SumoQuote?

This acquisition allows us to create a world-class sales experience for contractors and homeowners alike. By joining forces, our new platform provides a comprehensive estimating solution and equips contractors with a more streamlined process.

Do I have to use JobNimbus?

Although the SumoQuote and JobNimbus integration will continue to improve, you are under no obligation to use JobNimbus.

Does this affect my current integrations?

Your current integrations will stay the same. You can use SumoQuote just like you always have.

Can I login to SumoQuote the same way?

Yes! Continue to login to SumoQuote the way you always have.

Does this change the Customer Support I receive?

As a SumoQuote customer you will still have access to the same support from the same team.

How does this affect my data in SumoQuote?

All of your work in SumoQuote (projects, quote layouts, templates, etc.) is safe and sound. Any future enhancements as a result of this acquisition will fit seamlessly into your existing sales process.

Where can I get A's to my Q's?

If you have questions that haven't been answered here, reach out to the team you know and love at

I'm a JobNimbus customer, what do I need to know?

If you have questions that haven't been answered here, visit the JobNimbus announcement here.

How will you tell Ryan and Ben apart?

Our team is actively working on developing a process to distinguish these two from one another. No timeline for release has been confirmed at this time. An update will be communicated if a solution is identified.

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