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Do the heavy lifting once

If you’re already on the roof, why not add a solar quote?


Double your job size

Adding a solar quote to your roofing quote in just a few clicks.

Keep it simple

Build it all in one place, and limit change orders with industry-leading accuracy.

Offer solar on every job

If you’re building a roofing quote, you’ve already done most of the work to build a solar quote. Offer solar as an upgrade and easily double your revenue without any new leads.

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Get industry-leading accuracy

Our premium design partner, EagleView TrueDesign™ auto generates install-ready PV designs based on the most trustworthy data available.

Get to installation faster with solar ready designs from day one. Order EagleView TrueDesign™ reports through SumoQuote to get preferred pricing.

Or, include a solar design from any tool

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Show the Full Payoff of Solar

Present a financial analysis with a 25 year projection to sell your clients on solar.

Use your customer’s utility information to create an analysis based on what they’re actually paying.

Electricity Usage

Compare a solar design to annual electricity usage to design an appropriate system.

Financial Analysis

Offer financing from any provider to reassure your customers that installation makes financial sense. 

Apply the federal or state tax credit available in your region to make solar more affordable.

Take advantage of low interest solar loans to finance an entire roofing and solar job.

Here’s What Industry Experts are Saying:

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“After insurance sales, adding solar has been the next massive driver of growth for our business. I love how easy it is to add solar to our roofing presentations with SumoQuote. It’s super easy and our customers love it!

Randy Brothers
The Roofing Academy
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“SumoQuote actually gets how roofing sales work and they make it easy to integrate solar proposals all in one place. There may be a lot of solar proposal tools out there, but no others were built by roofers for roofers.”

Adam Bensman
The Roof Strategist
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Maximize your quoting power with SumoQuote Solar.

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Add Solar to any paid subscription.

Key Features
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10 monthly Solar quotes included

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Additional quotes available for purchase

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Industry-leading accuracy with EagleView TrueDesign™

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Offer financing from any provider

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Include a solar design from any tool

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