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6 Optional Roof Upgrades to Offer in a Quote


Have you ever talked to your customers about roof upgrades? If not, you could be missing out on extra sales and the chance to improve customer satisfaction. 

Service upgrades can increase your sales and boost your average deal size at your roofing company. According to research, 72% of sales professionals report that up to 30% of their company’s revenue comes from upselling.

Don’t push unnecessary or irrelevant services to your customers. Instead, highlight the value these add-ons offer to your customer’s home. Your upselling strategy should consider the customer’s best interests.   

Here are six roof upgrade options to consider offering your customers: 

6 Roof Upgrade Options to Offer Customers

Enhanced Ventilation 

Roof vents can extend the lifespan, improve energy efficiency, and enhance the roof's overall performance. Different vents offer various benefits and can change the roof's look. 

Here are some different types of roof vents: 

  • Turbine vents
  • Static vents
  • Dormer vents
  • Ridge vents 
  • Cupola vents 

A high-quality roof ventilation system is crucial to maintaining good air quality within the home and preventing moisture buildup. 

Don’t assume your customer wants to keep the same vent system they previously had. Some homeowners may want to replace the style of their roof vent or overhaul the entire ventilation system.  

Ice and Water Protector 

An ice and water protector is a membrane that protects the roof from ice and water damage. This layer also protects the home from leaking. 

Homeowners want their roofs to last as long as possible. Installing an ice and water shield can increase the roof’s longevity and add additional protection against leaking and water damage. 

While these layers offer additional protection against ice and water roof damage, they can also act as a gas barrier. It’s essential to have excellent ventilation on roofs with this added layer. 

Energy-Efficient Shingles 

Energy-efficient shingles are more reflective than typical shingles and keep the home cooler on hot days. With energy-efficient shingles, homeowners don’t have to run the air conditioning as much to maintain a comfortable temperature in their homes. 

The IRS offers tax credits to homeowners who invest in energy-saving home upgrades. Some roof shingles could qualify for federal tax credits and offer an incentive for customers to upgrade their shingle choice. 

New Gutters 

While you don’t have to replace gutters during a roofing project, simultaneously completing the two jobs is more efficient. Owning a home is a neverending cycle of maintenance and repairs. Combining repair jobs is convenient and cost-effective for homeowners.  

Since you’re already working on the roof, combining gutter and roof works can save your customer time and money in the long run. They won’t need to worry about getting on the schedule twice, starting over with a separate bid, or finding a new contractor. 

If your customer needs new gutters, encourage them to knock out the project while you work on their roof. 


Skylights are one of the best ways to increase the natural light in a room without sacrificing privacy. Not only are they a practical addition to your customer’s home, but they’re also stylish. Installing a skylight can transform the space into a more inviting and comfortable environment. 

Better Flashing

While your customers may want to stick with common materials like steel or aluminum for their roof flashing, they may be interested in upgrading to a long-lasting material like copper. 

Copper roof flashing offers several advantages for homeowners. It’s a lifelong material; if it remains undamaged, it likely won’t need to be replaced for the rest of the roof’s life. While this may be more expensive upfront, it is more cost-effective for homeowners in the long run. 

Sell More with Upgraded Roofing Quotes

Include all pricing and additional details about each upgrade you offer. Customers who aren’t interested in extra services can simply decline the offer. Customers aren’t always aware of the options available—they’re not roofing experts like yourself. 

Offering upgrades ensures your customer gets the roof they want by picking and choosing their own customizations. Additionally, roof upgrades help you land bigger contracts. Building roof upgrades into your quotes shouldn’t be complicated. 

SumoQuote allows users to add optional upgrades to every roof quote, making estimates even easier. Homeowners can select from the options to get exactly what they want on their roof. Book a demo with SumoQuote to learn more!

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