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Simplify Your Process with the SumoQuote and CompanyCam Integration


To run your roofing business effectively, it’s crucial to create the right workflows for your team. You need to build processes and invest in the best tools to set yourself up for success. Software integrations can help business owners streamline efficiency and utilize their tech stack.

Software integrations facilitate connections between tools. Once your tools are linked, you can seamlessly exchange information between the applications.

Integrations leverage your technology infrastructure and ensure smooth communication between systems. SumoQuote currently offers several software integrations, including:

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the CompanyCam and SumoQuote integration. With these tools connected, you can:

  • Save time
  • Boost efficiency
  • Improve organization

Here’s what you need to know about the SumoQuote/CompanyCam integration.

What Is CompanyCam? 

Contractors use CompanyCam to document job sites through photos. Thousands of professionals across 50+ industries have used CompanyCam to take more than one billion photos.

CompanyCam makes life easier for contractors. Check out these features CompanyCam offers:

  • Photo reports
  • Video capture
  • Photo annotations
  • Document scanning

CompanyCam helps contractors build trust between their crews and customers. It also provides everything contractors need to document job sites and projects. Integrate CompanyCam and SumoQuote to maximize your tech stack.

How Does the SumoQuote and CompanyCam Integration Work? 

The SumoQuote/CompanyCam integration lets contractors capture and use photos in job estimates—without switching between the two tools.

Once you set up the integration, you can:

  • Upload photos to SumoQuote instantly
  • Apply CompanyCam photos to quotes natively within SumoQuote
  • Quickly pull photos into a quote during site visits
  • Include annotated photos from CompanyCam in quotes
  • Create projects in SumoQuote using contact information from CompanyCam

How to Set Up Your CompanyCam Integration 

You'll need to enable the integration before you can start using CompanyCam and SumoQuote together. Follow these instructions to connect your accounts: 

  • Within SumoQuote, navigate to “Integrations” from the “Configuration” menu.
  • Scroll down to “Available apps” and select “CompanyCam.”
  • Login to your CompanyCam account.
  • Your accounts are now connected. CompanyCam will now appear under “Connected apps” in SumoQuote.

Find more information about connecting your accounts here.

Manage Your Contracting Business with the Right Tools 

Investing in the right software can help you take your business to the next level. When you integrate tools, you can simplify your workflow and promote better communication on your team. Integrations can help you manage your business and stay organized.

SumoQuote makes it easy to quickly build the best roofing proposals, and CompanyCam helps contractors document job sites. When you use these two tools together, your roofing business will be unstoppable.

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