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5 Valuable Reasons to Have a Roofing Estimate App


Do you ever go anywhere without your phone? Probably not. In fact, 94% of smartphone users say they always have their phone with them. 

As a successful roofing contractor, it’s time to put that phone to better use with a roofing estimate app. It’s crucial to invest in the right technology, like roofing software, for your business.

A roofing estimate app provides five huge benefits: it saves time, improves accuracy, enhances the customer experience, simplifies your workflow, and provides structure for your company.

Let's take a closer look at the five reasons why a roof estimating app can enhance the daily operations of your roofing business. 

5 Reasons You Should Use a Roofing Estimate App

1. Save Time 

As all business owners know, time is money. If you can’t quickly deliver an accurate roofing quote, someone else will beat you to it. 

Building roofing estimates quickly is vital for you to stay ahead of competitors. The longer you keep a potential customer waiting, the less likely you are to land the job. 

Roofing estimate software stores all of the information you need to swiftly build a roofing quote. With features like eSigning, templates, and standardized pricing, roof estimating apps like SumoQuote make the roofing estimate process easier than ever.

2. Improve Accuracy 

A quick way to lose a customer’s trust is by giving them inaccurate information. 

When you’re rushing to build quotes for jobs, it’s easy to make mistakes. When you use a roofing estimate app, you can cut back on errors. 

These roofing estimate app features will help you improve accuracy: 

  • Customized templates
  • Price lists
  • Useful integrations 

Roofing estimate software helps you consistently get the job done quicker and better. 

3. Enhance Customer Experience

When you’re at the top of your game, customers notice. Alternatively, customers pick up on your bad days, too. No one wants to hire rushed, unorganized, and slow contractors. 

When you invest in roofing estimate software, you’re investing in your customer’s experience.

Customer satisfaction should be your first priority, and a great roofing estimate app helps you give them a stellar experience. With roofing estimate software, your customers can say goodbye to delayed quotes. 

Customers want a contractor they can trust and rely on. A roofing estimate app gives you the support you need to ensure your customers have a remarkable experience.

4. Simplify Your Workflow

If you have to go rifling through a stack of papers or digging for files in your computer every time you need to build a quote, you’ll lose important information.

You can store important information in your roofing estimate app.

Using the right technology keeps you organized. You no longer have to go hunting for information. 

Let the software do the work for you! You no longer need to remember where that estimate ended up for that job you did last year. Instead, all of your estimates live in one place. 

5. Provide Better Structure for Your Business

Let’s face it—no one’s memory is good enough to store all the information needed to run a roofing business successfully. 

Things will get chaotic if you don’t have a sound system to track your schedule and jobs. Keeping track of things in your head only works temporarily. The moment your team starts to grow, it’s nearly impossible to keep everything straight without a good process. 

Using roofing estimate software will give your business the structure it needs to stay on top of your jobs. The next time you meet with a prospect, you can quickly gather all the information you need to build a spectacular estimate. 

Roofing estimate software keeps your estimates organized and ensures everyone on your team knows where the information lives. 

Why You Need a Roof Estimate App

A roofing estimate app keeps your business organized, agile, and reliable.

You wouldn’t show up to a job without a nail gun, so why wouldn’t you use a roofing estimate app? Investing in the best tools to run your business will keep you on track and help you deliver consistently great service to your customers.

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