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Basics to the SumoQuote and SalesRabbit Integration


Do you want to avoid tedious data entry, switching between multiple platforms, and losing track of tasks? If so, you’re in luck! Integrating your tech stack can eliminate these hassles. 

Integrations like the SumoQuote/Sales Rabbit integration make your life easier. 

By integrating your tech stack, you can increase productivity and save time. Integrations ensure your tools work for you, not the other way around. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of the seamless integration between SumoQuote and SalesRabbit. 

What Is SalesRabbit?

SalesRabbit is a cloud-based field sales management platform that helps contracting professionals: 

  • Track and generate leads
  • Streamline efficiency
  • Cut back on wasted resources
  • Improve sales processes 
  • Automate operations

With SalesRabbit, contractors can control their schedules, level up their canvassing approach, and improve their sales performance. 

What Is SumoQuote?

SumoQuote is a software solution designed to help contractors create high-quality job estimates.

SumoQuote helps contractors: 

  • Create high-quality job estimates
  • Save time 
  • Stay organized 
  • Improve sales processes

How to Set Up Your SumoQuote/SalesRabbit Integration 

You can integrate your SumoQuote and SalesRabbit accounts through Zapier. Here’s how it works. To get started, you’ll need a Zapier account.

Once signed in, you can connect your SumoQuote and SalesRabbit accounts and build automations. 

Find more information here to set up your SumoQuote/Sales Rabbit integration via Zapier. 

Using the SumoQuote/SalesRabbit Integration 

Once you set up your account integration, you can create different triggers and actions to automate your workflow. Use the SumoQuote/SalesRabbit integration to improve your business operations. 

Contractors can use this integration to:

  • Eliminate double entry
  • Automate the leads process
  • Share data between the two platforms

SumoQuote/SalesRabbit Automation Examples

  • Create a SalesRabbit lead when a prospect clicks on emails you send from SumoQuote. 
  • Create SumoQuote projects based on SalesRabbit events.

The SumoQuote/SalesRabbit integration helps contractors automate their lead funnel and improve lead conversion rates. 

Elevate Your Contracting Business with SumoQuote Integrations 

Integrate your software tools to decrease manual data entry, boost accuracy, and improve workflow. Users who integrate SumoQuote and SalesRabbit can automate tasks and improve business process efficiency.

Revolutionize your contracting business with software integration like SumoQuote and SalesRabbit. Integrating your software tools is about more than convenience—it transforms how you work. 

SumoQuote integrates with several other software solutions, including QuickBooks Online, HOVER, and more. SumoQuote helps contractors stay organized, create high-quality estimates, and save time. 

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