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Leveraging the SumoQuote & RoofScope Integration


Software integrations connect two different tools together, allowing them to share information between the two applications. Integrations are a helpful way to boost your ROI on the software you use at your business.  

With the right integrations, building the best technology stack for your roofing business is much easier. Integrations help you leverage the technology you already have and ensure your systems communicate with each other. 

SumoQuote integrates with several different software tools, including: 

This blog post explains the SumoQuote/RoofScope integration and why it’s a valuable addition to any roofer’s tech stack. Let’s dive in. 

What Is RoofScope? 

RoofScope is a roof measurement tool that helps roofers get accurate roof measurements for residential and commercial buildings. Roofers can get measurements in three easy steps: 

  1. Enter and confirm the address of the home you need to be measured. 
  2. Select the structure type and add any additional buildings, such as garages or sheds. 
  3. Choose which reports you need for the structure and add it to your cart. 

Within 12 hours or less of submitting the information, RoofScope will provide you with accurate measurements for the structures you requested. RoofScope has measured more than 2.1 million structures and helped roofers save 3–-6 hours on average.  

In addition to the quick turnaround, RoofScope’s 99% accuracy guarantee helps you feel confident in your roof quotes and measurements. RoofScope helps users save time, cut back on errors, and reduce labor costs. 

How Does the SumoQuote and RoofScope Integration Work? 

Roofers with both a SumoQuote and RoofScope account can easily connect their accounts and immediately use the integration to save time. Once your accounts are connected, you can order a RoofScope report without having to leave SumoQuote. 

Once complete, you can add yourr RoofScope report can be added straight into your SumoQuote project. This collaboration:

  • Ensures you stay organized
  • Keeps everything in one place
  • Saves you time
  • Boosts your company’s efficiency.  

Now, you won’t need to switch back and forth between the two platforms anymore. 

How Do I Connect SumoQuote and RoofScope? 

Connecting your SumoQuote and RoofScope accounts is simple. Follow these steps to get started. 

  1. Before connecting the two accounts, you need to enable autopay in RoofScope. Once that’s completed, log in to your RoofScope account to set up the integration. 
  2. Obtain your RoofScope API key from your account. Navigate to the “My Details” page and copy the API key under “Third Party Integration.” 
  3. Once you have the API key copied, log in to SumoQuote and navigate to the “Integrations” page. 
  4. Scroll to “Available apps” and click on RoofScope. Enter the API key. 
  5. RoofScope will now appear under “Connected apps” in your SumoQuote account. 

Find more information about connecting your SumoQuote and RoofScope accounts here

Boost Your Business with the Right Software Tools 

Integrating your software tools can simplify your work life as a roofing professional. Technology should work for you, not the other way around. Take advantage of the integrations available in today’s market.

Take a look at this good-better-best approach to software tools:  

Good: Use software tools like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace to run your business.  

Better: Invest in business tools and roofing-specific software solutions to elevate your business. 

Best: Build a technology stack that leverages integrations to maximize your software tools. 

Investing in the right software can help you elevate your roofing business. SumoQuote makes it easy to quickly build the best roofing proposals. 

On average, SumoQuote users sell more upgrades. Book a SumoQuote demo to learn more today!

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