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The Contractor’s Guide to the SumoQuote and HOVER Integration


Software integrations enhance collaboration and streamline your workflow. SumoQuote offers several integrations that empower you to improve efficiency at your business.

Thanks to these integrations, contractors can utilize their existing tech stack without leaving the SumoQuote application. Say goodbye to manual data entry and switching between multiple applications.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of SumoQuote’s integration with HOVER. Let’s get started. 

What Is HOVER? 

HOVER is a software measurement tool that allows users to create accurate, interactive, and customizable 3D models of homes from photos. HOVER serves various clients, from contractors to insurance carriers. 

One of the biggest things HOVER models do is help people visualize what the finished project will look like.

Why Use SumoQuote and HOVER?

Contractors can use HOVER’s measurements and models to build quotes in SumoQuote.

Combining the power of these two products lets you create detailed and accurate quotes to elevate your customer estimates. You can easily link existing SumoQuote and HOVER projects together in seconds. 

The integration automatically pulls customer information from HOVER into your SumoQuote project. You’ll see HOVER customer information in the SumoQuote project once connected.

You can also search and download HOVER reports from SumoQuote. HOVER measurements will populate into SumoQuote with the click of a button. With a Level 3 setup, the quantities will populate under Quote Details in SumoQuote. 

When you need to upload a photo in SumoQuote, you can choose from the images stored in HOVER. Click on the HOVER icon after selecting “Add photo.”    

Now, you’ll have access to all the information you need to build the best quotes. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching back and forth between the two applications.

How to Set Up Your SumoQuote/HOVER Integration

Follow these simple steps to start using HOVER and SumoQuote together: 

  • Navigate to Configuration and select Integrations. 
  • Find Available Apps and select the HOVER integration button to redirect you to HOVER.  
  • Log in to your HOVER account.
  • Once signed in, you’ll need to click Allow to Authorize Staging.
  • You’ll then get redirected back to SumoQuote automatically. 
  • Find your new HOVER integration under Connect Apps. 

Once the SumoQuote/HOVER integration is complete, you can start working immediately! This integration lets you link HOVER and SumoQuote projects together.

Seamlessly Connect SumoQuote and HOVER

Integrations are a valuable resource to boost your tech stack’s ROI. You can improve accuracy at your business and let your software do the work for you. 

Thanks to software integrations, you can complete more tasks in less time. SumoQuote enhances your efficiency with multiple software integrations, from QuickBooks Online to HOVER. 

In addition to helpful integrations, SumoQuote also helps contractors deliver quick and accurate quotes to customers and keep their business organized. Take control of your business with SumoQuote—book a demo today to get started!

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