SumoQuote and EagleView integration

The Inside Scoop to the SumoQuote-EagleView Integration


We’ve all been there. You get a request for a quote, go to the customer's house, manually take the roof measurements, and then go back to the office to spend hours putting a quote together. 

Whether you’ve been doing this so long that you feel like you could do it with your eyes closed or you still have to painstakingly calculate each quantity one at a time, creating a quote this way takes too long.

Because you’ve got several quotes on the go, it takes countless hours of your valuable time, and a day or two passes before you get the quote to the homeowner. If only there were a roof measurement tool and a quoting software that helps you quote in 60 seconds.

What if we told you there is one?

The integration between SumoQuote and Eagleview is here to solve your quoting problems and give you back your time. Let’s learn how it works.

Accuracy Is Key

Everyone knows a business owner’s goal is to keep costs down while being profitable, and an easy way to ensure you’re doing this is with accurate roof measurements. An inaccurate roof measurement could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars

If you underestimate measurements, you’ll have to pay your roofers for more hours than anticipated, order more materials once the job has started, slow down the job, and frustrate the homeowner. 

If you overestimate measurements, you’ll be left with a surplus of materials that you may not be able to use for another job—not to mention that you’ll have overcharged the homeowner. 

Eagleview takes the guesswork out of roof measuring and delivers accurate roof measurements with lightning speed, and it's all done with a few mouse clicks.

Get Your Free Time Back

The integration between SumoQuote and Eagleview partners two best-in-class products to help bring accurate measurements into a beautiful quote that your customers will love. 

Gone are the days of working on a quote late into the evening because you promised the homeowner you’d have it to them the next day. Using the best roof-measuring app with the best quoting software out there, you can now have this quote done in 60 seconds. 

Think of all the things you can do with that time back!

You can leave the office at a reasonable hour and spend the evening doing what you want—hanging out with your loved ones, cooking, playing a sport, watching a game—the possibilities are endless. 

However you like to spend your downtime, we want you to be able to do more of it.

How to Create Quotes with EagleView Measurements in 60 Seconds

The SumoQuote integration with EagleView is simple. Open up your homeowner project in SumoQuote and head to the “Measurements” button. From there, you can either search for a pre-existing report or order an Eagleview report right in SumoQuote.

When you order a report, Eaglview sends a drone out to take measurements of the roof, and you get back accurate, in-depth roof measurements, along with photos of the roof taken from the drone.

Once you’ve pulled in your roof measurements, create a quote for the homeowner. On the Quote Details page, all your line items auto-populate without you having to lift a finger on your quote! 

SumoQuote calculates the line total for each item using the quantity and unit price and adds it all together to give you your total cost to the homeowner. Learn more about quoting in 60 seconds here.

Integrate the Best Roof Measurement Tool with SumoQuote

At the end of the day, we want to provide excellent customer service to the homeowner. They’re trusting us with their money and home, which feels very vulnerable, and we want to respect that. 

While unexpected delays or costs may arise throughout the job, don’t let inaccurate roof measurements be the reason for them. Using Eagleview and SumoQuote will save you time quoting, and ensure that the homeowner gets the most accurate roofing quote for their home.

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