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5 Elements of a Perfect Roofing Quote


Roofing proposals are essential to landing jobs and helping you stand out against competitors.

It’s crucial for your quotes to be informative, easy to read, and showcase why you’re the right contractor for the job. It’s common for homeowners to seek several quotes from different contractors. You want your roofing quote to stand out in the pile and be the obvious winner. 

But how exactly do you accomplish that? With these five elements, you can create perfect roofing proposals quickly. In this guide, you’ll learn how to elevate your roofing quotes. Let’s get started!  

Crafting the Perfect Roofing Proposal 

1. Connect

You should use your roofing quote to create an emotional connection with customers. According to a Harvard Business professor, 95% of purchasing decisions are made using the subconscious mind

Take a look at these examples of roofing proposals. Your eye is likely drawn to the example on the right, as it has many photos and text that stands out. The example on the left is very text-heavy and doesn’t have any eye-catching details. 

Using graphics, photos, and design in your quote makes it easier to establish a connection with customers. Your roofing quotes should stand out and help you build relationships with potential clients. 

2. Educate 

A good roofing proposal tells homeowners how much their roof project will cost. A great roofing proposal educates homeowners on their roofing needs and provides details on the job. 

Many roofing contractors think that using complicated industry jargon conveys their expertise and builds trust with customers. 

What you might think customers are thinking: “This person sure knows what they’re talking about!”

What customers are likely thinking: “This person is trying to confuse me and upsell me on items I don’t need.”

A confused customer slows down the sales process. Instead of relying on complex industry terms, try to break down the roofing job in simpler language (check out this guide to roofing terms for homeowners). 

As a professional in a technical industry, you’re the expert. You know what roof flashing is and why ventilation is important. Homeowners may not be as educated on roofs.  

Use your roofing proposal as an opportunity to educate customers. Customers feel empowered to make a purchasing decision when they feel confident and informed about their needs. Here are a few examples of things you can educate clients on:

  • How the insurance process works 
  • Technical roofing terms 
  • The importance of roof ventilation 
  • Roofing materials

Including this information in your roofing quote helps you sell your services when you’re not there. No matter how much time you spend explaining every detail to the homeowner in person, they’ll likely forget some of the information within a few hours.

When your quote contains all the information they need, they can reference it later and find the answers they’re looking for. Additionally, a detailed quote with educational content helps you stand out against the other proposals sitting on their kitchen table. 

3. Solve

You’re there to solve problems for your customers. The problem is obvious, right? A broken gutter or missing shingles. However, that only scratches the surface of solving your customer’s needs. 

While their home roof needs repair, yes, other issues often lie deeper. Here are a few examples of common problems homeowners face with roof repairs: 

  • Insurance
  • Scheduling

It’s important to have an honest conversation with your clients to identify the real problem. Once you understand the problem, you can show prospects how you’ll solve it for them. Customers don’t buy because they understand; they buy because they’re understood. 

4. Selection 

Include a selection of different services in your roofing estimate. It’s a great idea to give customers “Good, Better, Best” options in your quote. 

The good option will cover their basic needs, the better will include a few upgrades, and the best will include all the bells and whistles. 

This way, you provide homeowners with three bids from your company. Good, better, best quotes help you strike the right balance of options. Consumers want choices, but too many can be overwhelming.

5. Prove 

Last but not least, you want to prove that you’re the best contractor for the job. An easy way to do this is to include a section of testimonials or positive roofing Google reviews in your quotes. Highlighting your satisfied customers helps build your prospect’s confidence in your business.  

SumoQuote Makes Roofing Proposals Easy 

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