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The Transformative Power of eSigning

SumoQuote facilitates an easy signing experience for contractors and their customers, thanks to the intuitive eSign feature. If you’re looking for an easy way for your customers to sign off on proposals, check out eSigning in SumoQuote.


Before the invention of electronic signatures, also known as eSign, obtaining signatures required in-person meetings, mailing documents, or using a fax machine.

Michael Scott of NBC’s “The Office” once said: “Fax? Why don’t you just send it over on a dinosaur.” He’s right—people rarely use a fax to conduct business these days. Fax machine usage in business decreased by 80% from 2000 to 2020. 

Thankfully, we can use eSignature to sign important documents quickly and safely in the modern business world. eSignature is a secure and reliable method for getting necessary signatures on documents. 

Using eSign to gather signatures for important documents is convenient for everyone involved. In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits of using an eSign tool at your business and walk you through how SumoQuote’s eSign feature works. 

Benefits of Using eSign at Your Business 

Contractors can use eSignature to get client signatures on job estimates with little hassle. Using eSign at your contracting business is an efficient alternative to exclusively using paper copies for signing estimates and quotes. 

The easiest way to integrate eSignature into your business is to implement a software solution. Contractors across multiple industries can use an estimate software tool like SumoQuote. 

SumoQuote, which has an eSign feature, helps users stay organized and keep all their documents in one central location. 

eSignature allows people to digitally sign documents and removes many roadblocks involved with signing documents—for business owners and their clients. When you embrace the power of eSignature technology at your business, you can revolutionize how you handle client documents. 

Using eSignature at your contracting business is a seamless and efficient alternative to collecting traditional pen-and-paper signatures. Here are a few benefits of using eSign at your business: 

  • Documents are secure 
  • Cut down on printing and paper costs 
  • Increase flexibility 
  • Enable remote signing
  • Save time 
  • Remove the hassle of gathering signatures

Offering eSignature at your business is a win-win for you and your clients. eSigning documents simplifies the signature process and ensures you always know the status of documents. 

If you’re interested in going paperless at your business, onboarding an eSign tool is a must. eSignature tools allow people to sign documents without ever needing to print anything, significantly reducing the amount of paper you need to run your business. 

How to eSign Documents in SumoQuote

SumoQuote’s eSign feature is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool you can quickly implement in your contracting business. SumoQuote saves the signed documents to your profile and sends an email copy to your client. Here’s how it works. 

In SumoQuote, you have different options to get signatures on a document: 

  • Send via email to eSign
  • eSign onsite
  • Manual sign

Send Via Email to eSign

You can email your client documents to eSign with the click of a button in SumoQuote. The PDF will be emailed to your customer with instructions on how to eSign the document. 

You can also customize the email that accompanies the document. Once clients receive the email, they can quickly eSign documents from their phone. The entire process, from start to finish, takes minutes.  

eSign Onsite

If you’re reviewing the quote with your customer in person, simply click “Sign now” and have your customer eSign the document on your device. 

Once they finish signing, they’ll receive a copy of their signed quote via email.   

Manual Sign

When your customer signs a hard copy of a document, you can keep records of it in SumoQuote using the “manually sign” feature. 

Find additional information on SumoQuote’s eSign feature in our comprehensive eSign guide and tutorial

Streamline Your Contracting Business

Simplify the signature process by using an eSignature tool at your contracting business.

SumoQuote facilitates an easy signing experience for contractors and their customers. Contractors can send documents out for an eSignature or eSign on-site with clients. Additionally, users can note manual signatures in SumoQuote for record-keeping purposes.    

eSign is just one of the many features SumoQuote offers. SumoQuote helps streamline contractors' business operations. Book a demo today and learn how SumoQuote can boost your company’s productivity and increase efficiency.

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