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SumoQuote and Sunlight Financial: A Powerful Financing Integration


When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the most important factors to homeowners is the cost. A survey found that 65% of respondents delayed home projects due to material costs. 

These projects can be costly and stressful for homeowners, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to improve their homes. Affordable loans can make a huge difference for homeowners. 

However, some homeowners may not want or know how to find loan options themselves. What if you could offer customers financing options without any hassle? That’s where Sunlight Financial comes into the picture. 

The SumoQuote and Sunlight Financial integration can help you offer more financing options to customers. Let’s take a closer look at how this integration works and how it helps contractors offer greater flexibility to customers. 

What Is Sunlight Financial? 

Sunlight Financial provides flexible payment options for homeowners, loans for home improvement projects, and partnerships with contractors to offer financing options.

Sunlight Financial offers financing options at the point of purchase, but the Sunlight team isn’t just there for contractors at the start of projects. They vow to be a true partner with you throughout the entire process.

Offer More Flexibility to Customers 

As contractors, you understand the importance of customer service and relationships. Offering financing options to homeowners can help you foster even better customer experiences

Flexible financing options help you meet homeowners where they’re at. You don't force customers to handle loans on their own. Instead, your partnership with Sunlight helps you walk them through the whole loan process. 

You and Sunlight Financial are trusted partners throughout the financing process. Your customers know they’re in safe hands.  

Financing plans also help you appeal to more homeowners and reach new customers. Additionally, financing options could help you close more deals. Your customers will appreciate having more options. 

How Does the SumoQuote/Sunlight Financial Integration Work? 

When you use the two applications together, you can accomplish more. Here are a few things the integration offers: 

  • Pre-qualify customers with soft credit applications. 
  • Automatically transfer customer details and signed data to Sunlight Financial’s application portal. 
  • Apply for financing within SumoQuote projects. 
  • Prepare quotes without impacting customers’ credit. 

How to Integrate Your Accounts in 4 Steps

You’ll need to have both a SumoQuote and Sunlight Financial account to set up your integration. To connect your accounts, follow these instructions: 

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Integrations within SumoQuote. 
  2. Select “Connect to Sunlight Financial.” 
  3. Existing Sunlight Financial customers can select “Connect my active Sunlight Financial account.” New customers can select “Apply” and finish the application process within Sunlight Financial. 
  4. Once you’ve completed the above steps, reach out to the Sunlight team. They will help you finish activating your SumoQuote integration.

Find more information on connecting your accounts here. 

Maximize Your Technology with Financing Integrations 

We’re all about enabling contractors to do their best work at SumoQuote. Offering software integrations helps us help you! Software integrations maximize your technology stack and ensure your business runs smoothly.  

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