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8 New Roofing Technology Trends 2024


As we ring in the new year, it’s essential to know what new roofing technology trends are in store for 2024. 

Staying informed of current trends helps you be proactive and make the best decisions for your roofing business. We see eight trends on the horizon: green roofing, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing in roofing, smart roofs, drones, roofing software, estimate apps, and supply chain improvement.

Let’s look at each of the eight roofing technology trends we expect to see and what they mean for your business.

2024 Roofing Technology Trends

Green Roofing 

A trend that will likely continue in 2024 is sustainability. As such, green roofs have risen in popularity. Also known as an eco-roof, these roofs don't use traditional materials. 

Instead, these roofs include: 

  • Vegetation
  • Soil
  • A waterproofing layer 

Roofers can use these environmentally friendly roofing alternatives for both commercial and residential buildings. The extra insulation also helps manage building temperatures, decreasing the need for indoor heating and cooling. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has exploded in recent years. Experts expect AI to continue to grow in 2024. AI has applications across several industries, with 83% of companies worldwide claiming AI is a top priority for their business processes.

AI can also benefit the roofing industry. Roofers can use AI to manage the daily needs of their business. Check out this Roofing Success podcast that delves deeper into AI and what it means for roofers

3-D Printing in Roofing 

As 3-D printing continues to gain traction, the technology has construction applications. 3-D printed items produce less waste, can cut labor costs, and save time.

Today, you can 3-D print some types of roofs, but it’s not widely used yet. As the technology advances, we may see more 3-D printing applications in the roofing industry this year. 

Smart Roofs 

You’ve heard of smartphones, smartwatches, and smart homes. Now, get ready for smart roofs. Smart roofs use sensors to detect weather changes and can even heat up a roof to melt snow. 

While these types of roofs typically go on commercial buildings, they can also work for residential properties. 


The worldwide drone market in 2024 is at an impressive $4.3 billion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 2.26% over the next four years. People are finding more creative ways to integrate drones into their businesses each year, and roofing is no exception. 

Drones can be very helpful for roof inspections, allowing you to get a good look at the roofing system and materials and identify potential leaks. Additionally, existing drone technology allows roofers to install nails without getting on the roof. 

That’s right—a drone with a nail gun does all the heavy lifting. This technology was first demonstrated in 2019, but with drones rising in popularity, roofers may find more innovative ways to incorporate the technology into jobs. 

Roofing Software 

Every year, more business owners adopt a helpful CRM (customer relationship management) to help run their businesses. The CRM industry is predicted to grow to a whopping $57 billion by 2025

Investing in an all-in-one roofing software solution, like JobNimbus, helps you stay ahead in the roofing industry and manage your customers more effectively. Stay proactive by integrating helpful tools, like roofing estimate software, into your business. 

Roofing Estimate App 

For years, apps have revolutionized how business owners manage their daily operations. This trend will likely continue in 2024, with more and more roofers investing in technology like roofing estimate apps. 

Roofing estimate software, like SumoQuote, helps you run your business more efficiently thanks to features like:

Stay in the know while you’re on the go with the right roofing estimate apps.

Supply Chain Improvement

Your supply chain impacts every major area of your business. Here’s what experts predict will happen to supply chains in 2024.  

The last four years have brought supply chain challenges for all industries due to the lasting impact of the 2020 pandemic. In 2024, experts predict there’ll be less supply chain diversification due to cost-cutting measures. 

This change could lead to more disruption for suppliers this year. The good news is that labor costs are expected to finally slow down, with a predicted 3.4% increase in 2024 compared to 4.5% in 2023. 

Get Ahead of Roofing Technology Trends in 2024 

You should always look for ways to innovate your business so you don't fall behind competitors. If you want your roofing business to thrive in 2024, embracing these evolving technology trends is crucial.

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