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Build Roofing Proposals Quicker with Price Lists


When it comes to building quotes, efficiency is critical. The quicker you can deliver accurate quotes, the quicker you can close the deal. This is where technology and automation come into play. 

Every moment you spend on a manual process could be spent improving your business instead. Automating processes gives you time to focus on more important tasks. 

Whether it’s revamping your marketing strategy or something else—the time you save through automation is yours to use freely.  

That’s why SumoQuote offers a Price List feature. With Price Lists, roofers can dramatically decrease the time it takes to build proposals. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to leverage the Price Lists feature to its full potential. Let’s get started. 

Price Lists in SumoQuote

Price Lists keep a list of prices associated with the materials and products you use to complete a roofing job. They also allow you to create calculations automatically in roofing estimates, making them a helpful tool for building accurate and fast estimates. 

How to Use Price Lists

To use Price Lists in SumoQuote, you must ensure items are categorized in your Product List. Once you’ve finalized your price lists, you can use SumoQuote’s calculations feature to automatically calculate estimates. 

To create price list items, open SumoQuote, navigate to Account Settings, and select Layouts. In SumoQuote, your Layouts are essentially prebuilt quotes you create. Once there, select a report and click on quote details.  

Click “Add Item,” and you can begin inputting the material details. Here, you can enter the item’s name, description, unit, and price adjustment. 

Under price adjustment, you input the material price, labor cost, and margin. Once you input these, SumoQuote will automatically calculate the item's price. You can also clarify whether this item is tax-exempt.

Here are a few units you can choose from as you add items to your price list:

  • SQ
  • SQFT
  • LF
  • EA
  • PC
  • GAL
  • HR
  • BDL
  • PCT 

Any changes you make to your price list will globally update in SumoQuote. That means you can use the line items you create in future quotes. Once you have input the price list items, you can use SumoQuote’s Calculations feature to automatically create estimates. 

You don’t need to add other calculations or adjust your margin; all of the math is done for you in SumoQuote. Price Lists also give you a great bird's-eye view of your line items and let you search items and make bulk edits. 

SumoQuote’s seamless Beacon integration makes price lists even more efficient. You can link Beacon to products in SumoQuote and avoid manual updates. When your tools are connected, the price of Beacon products will automatically update in your SumoQuote price lists.  

You cannot edit the material price for price list items integrated with Beacon. The SumoQuote/Beacon integration will automatically update these line item prices. 

You can also create multiple Price Lists within SumoQuote. For example, if you serve multiple areas, you can make a Price List for each one you serve.

Price lists help roofers like you stay organized and ensure their prices are correct in quotes. 

Benefits of SumoQuote’s Price List Feature 

Your Price Lists can be your source of truth for pricing and building quotes. The best part is you don’t have to build the framework from scratch in Excel. While it requires time and effort, once it’s done, it’s set up forever. SumoQuote also makes it easy to update your lists as needed. 

Here are a few benefits of using price lists in SumoQuote: 

  • Promotes efficiency
  • Reduces mistakes
  • Automates your workflow 
  • Helps you build accurate quotes
  • Building proposals is faster

As you know, mistakes can be expensive. That’s why business owners must take advantage of technology. With the right tools, you can save time and scale your business. 

Let Price Lists Boost Efficiency and Speed up Quotes

Utilizing tools like Price Lists and Calculations is a game-changer for roofing businesses. As roofers, delivering accurate and fast proposals to your customers is paramount. If you want to improve operational efficiency, Price Lists are a great place to start. 

When you automate your workflow, you have more time to dedicate to essential areas in your business.

With SumoQuote in your corner, you can take control of your pricing strategy and make your business more agile. Ready to supercharge your quoting process? Book a demo with SumoQuote and start building your Price Lists today!

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