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Mastering Calculations for Fast Estimates


Implementing processes to help you build a scalable roofing business is essential. When you’re a small team of one or two, you might get away with doing calculations in your head to build proposals. 

However, it’s important to ensure your growing business has the right resources and processes. With the right tools, your business can adapt and expand. Mastering calculations is a crucial part of building great quotes. Let technology do the work for you! 

SumoQuote’s Calculations feature has saved many roofers from errors. Additionally, calculations can save roofers time when they build estimates. 

Mastering your quote-building process takes time and commitment. Put in the time upfront to make a great proposal process that will save your team many hours in the long run.

Calculations allow roofers to create quotes based on their project measurements efficiently. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use SumoQuote Calculations to build proposals faster. 

Using Calculations to Build Faster Estimates  

You may trust yourself to get the math right every time without help. But not everyone on your team may be as skilled in quick math as you are. That’s where Calculations come in handy. Calculations can save roofers a lot of time and are an incredibly useful feature. 

You already know the calculations you need to use to create accurate quotes. SumoQuote’s Calculations feature helps you document these calculations and ensures your entire team is aligned. 

Let’s take a closer look at how roofers can use calculations in SumoQuote to build quick roofing proposals.  

How Calculations Work in SumoQuote 

The Calculations feature in SumoQuote uses measurements to automatically calculate your roof estimate. To use this feature, users need to set up price lists within SumoQuote as well. 

Think of Calculations as a simple version of Excel that is designed specifically for roofers and can save your team countless hours. The feature takes in your material, labor, and margin to calculate the price automatically for your estimates.  

Do you use measurement software like Eagleview or RoofScope? SumoQuote can automatically use these apps' data for calculations. With these seamless software integrations, roofers can save even more time. Users can also manually input measurements to SumoQuote. 

Calculations let roofers input all kinds of general measurements. For example, roofers can use the following measurements to generate calculations in SumoQuote:  

You can also customize these measurements and include roof accessories like pipe jacks or downspouts. Once the measurements are input, you can automatically generate a calculation that gives you the exact output you need. 

With these prebuilt formulas, you can simply input the total roof area, and it will calculate how many materials you need. Whether it’s bundles, feet, pieces, or another unit, the formula will use the unit you input previously. 

Benefits of Using Calculations in SumoQuote 

With SumoQuote’s Calculations feature, you can generate accurate estimate calculations for your roofing quotes within seconds. Calculations have several additional benefits for roofers and their crews. Here are a few benefits of using Calculations in SumoQuote: 

  • Saves time
  • Reduces human error
  • Automates workflow 
  • Ensures calculations are scalable and consistent 
  • Boosts efficiency  
  • Promotes organization 

While setting up your formulas requires a little work upfront, it’s worth it in the long run. Some effort on the front end gives you the foundation you need to generate 60-second estimates in the future.

Once your formulas are configured, using calculations is a breeze, and you can do it with the click of a button. You can rest assured that everyone on your team operates with one formula and provides accurate quotes. 

Streamline Your Business with the Right Tools 

The right technology tools can reduce errors and boost your roofing business's efficiency. With fewer errors and increased efficiency, you can provide better service to your customers. Software tools can help you build the best version of your business. 

SumoQuote provides several helpful features for roofers. With eSignature and roofing estimate templates, you can improve your business's efficiency. 

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