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Elevate Your Tech Stack with the SumoQuote and SalesForce Integration


Productive companies have a better chance of boosting profits. Research shows that less productive companies have 30–50% lower operating margins than productive companies.

So, how do you boost your business’s productivity? Using the right software tools is a great place to start. Technology has revolutionized the way companies approach work. Investing in the right software solutions can help you take your business to the next level. 

Taking advantage of integrations is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your software solutions. Integrations connect two software applications to share information between them. 

SumoQuote integrates with several different software tools, including: 

In this blog post, we’ll go over the SumoQuote and Salesforce integration and tell you how to use it. Let’s jump in. 

What Is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps businesses take control of their sales funnel and win more deals. Companies can manage customer relationships and track important lead data with Salesforce.  

How Does the SumoQuote/Salesforce Integration Work?

With the SumoQuote and Salesforce integration, you can create quotes from contacts, add measurements, and pass line items automatically to Salesforce.  

How to Set Up the SumoQuote/Salesforce Integration

The SumoQuote and Salesforce integration works through Zapier. 

To integrate your SumoQuote and Salesforce accounts, you’ll need to sign up for Zapier. Once you set up your account, you can connect the two apps and automate your workflow. Here are a few different triggers and actions you can create between SumoQuote and Salesforce: 

  • When a SumoQuote email is opened, you can automatically add a contact to a campaign in Salesforce. 
  • When an email from SumoQuote bounces, you can automatically update a lead in Salesforce. 
  • When a report is sent for signatures from SumoQuote, you can automatically create a record in Salesforce. 

Learn more about integrating your SumoQuote and Salesforce accounts through Zapier. 

Boost Productivity with the Right Software Tools 

With the right software solutions in your corner, your business can thrive. SumoQuote is the leading roofing quote software in the market and offers several helpful features, including: 

A tech stack is an assortment of software tools that help businesses take control of operations and streamline efficiency. Your company’s tech stack should enable you to do the best work possible. Think about investing in tools that work together and make your life easier. 

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